Jade Schoenfeld

Jade's score

Last year, thinking about the Senior Seminar, I’d thought I would do something with conducting a choir or an orchestra. But then, with Covid, there were no opportunities for that, so I had to think, Okay, what else am I interested in, what else can I try to do to see if I like to […]

Adam Joseph


Two years ago, when Watkinson began introducing the process of the new senior exhibitions, a lot of people weren’t excited; they thought they didn’t want all this extra work for their senior year. And I’m not going to lie; I thought that too. But, at the same time, I had this feeling: This is gonna […]

Maxx Smith-Rapaport

special effects

I’m a person who finds motivation within myself pretty easily, but only when it’s something I’m really passionate about. That’s why I’ll often go into projects trying to find an option that offers that passion. Without it I can still get work done, and I still work hard, but it takes a lot longer. The […]