What a Year It’s Been

middle school during covid

How challenges shaped the learning… but didn’t stop it

Long-Term Donor Partnerships

blooming trees

At a time of financial uncertainty for many, donors are stepping up to make great things happen.

Interdisciplinary By Structure

Many schools talk about interdisciplinary teaching. What’s different about it at Watkinson — and why has it become such a priority?

The Senior Year, Reimagined

senior year

Seniors are our most capable, ambitious students. Let’s design an experience worthy of them.

Strategic Engagement

9th grade retreat

Building relationships in and out of the city makes Watkinson a stronger school.

Starting the Storytelling Engine

watkinson story vault

Moving beyond marketing to tell authentic stories that both reflect and shape the beautiful complexity of a Watkinson education

The Goal Areas of the Strategic Plan


“The Shape of Things to Come,” Watkinson’s five-year strategic plan, was published in 2016.